Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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Fire Safety Week 2013

Leonville Volunteer Fire Department will be having its annual fire drill at Leonville Elementary School on October 11, 2013.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Operation Safe-A-Life

In July, the Leonville Volunteer Fire Department hosted a meeting for the surround Fire Chiefs with the Louisiana State Fire Marshal, Bob Wolfe.  The State Fire Marshal has incurred grant money for installation of smoke detectors.  If you know anyone in the Leonville area, please have them submit their name with Charlie Sullivan at (337) 879-0035

Community Water Enrichment Program 2012-2013

The Town of Leonville recently submitted an application to extend water line improvements on Auzenne Street. 

In August, 2013, the State of Louisiana notified the Town that we were awarded $23,100!

Culvert Repair and Installation at St. Leo Canal, Hurvey Street Canal, Carrier Street Canal, and the New Cemetary

This project is funded by FEMA to repair/replace culverts at St. Leo Catholic Church, the Hurvey Street Canal, Carrier Street Canal and the New Cemetary.  The Town of Leonville was awarded $833, 550.  This is 100% grant!.  This project is a working process.   The main FEMA office is reviewing this project and we will be notified when this review is complete.

Wind Retrofitting Project Grant

The Wind Retrofit Project Grant provided $23,479 to install protective barriers on all exterior windows and doors of both the Town Hall and the Leonville Volunteer Fire Department Stations.  This will greatly benefit the town simply because the Town Hall and Fire Station are used as a Command Center during storms such as hurricanes.  This project will cost the town absolutely nothing!!!

Painting of the Three Existing Water Tanks

USDA provided grant money to perform any repairs that were needed and paint the three existing water tanks on the Leonville Water System.  Repairs and painting is completed. 

New Water Well

USDA has provided grant money to construct a new water well to help supply more water to the Leonville Water Customers. 

New 250,000 Gallon Water Tower

The Town of Leonville was awarded grant money to construct a new 250,000 gallon water tower near the Port Barre area.  Construction of the tower should begin in late September/early October.  If you have any questions about this project, please call       (337)  879-0035.

Town Of Leonville Launches a Website

Working harder to better serve and communicate with our community we have launched a new website for our water customers.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  Subscribe today!

Automatic Water Meters-Badger Meters

The Town of Leonville was awarded money from USDA to install the new Automatic Meters to all of its water customers.  Delta Water is approximately 70% complete with this project.  This project is anticipated to be 100% complete by the end of October.  If you have any questions about this project, please call (337) 879-0035.